Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Birthday Girl

We had a wonderful day yesterday celebrating Ella Grace turning THREE! We woke up with her in our bed (as we do most mornings...she starts off in her bed but always makes the move to ours around 2:00...sometimes we don't even realize it until we wake up). The first thing she said had nothing to do with her birthday but, "I want my Snow White panties!" Ha! I have no idea where that came from. I told her, "Ella, today is your birthday. You are three! Happy Birthday!" She just smiled ear to ear! We made our way to Daddy who gave birthday wishes. Evan was eating his breakfast and she went right over to him and said, "Evan, tell me Happy Birthday," which he did with a mouth full of waffle. =)

We took her to eat at the Purple Cow. She loves that place! We got her some cheese dip because that is her FAVORITE and she wanted to order a salad for her lunch. =) After she ate, they brought her a hot fudge sundae with purple ice cream. She was so proud of the candles and loved blowing them out.

Then, we headed home to give her birthday presents. To say she loved her castle and princess set is an understatement. She was so excited and so happy!

For dinner, we ordered pizza and had birthday cake. Well, actually Ella Grace had birthday cake for dinner. She was so proud of her cake. For years, I have gone to the same bakery for birthday cakes. This bakery is my favorite and makes the best cakes, but you have to pay for it in advance (they are very expensive) and then go pick it up. I do not have time for two separate trips to the bakery, so I decided to try Kroger. Y'all this cake was so good! Plus, when we went to pick it up, I wish I would have had a camera because EG put her little hands over her mouth and literally gasped when she saw it. It was exactly what she wanted! Yay! The best $10 I ever spent! =)

We spent the rest of the night playing. We will be partying some more on Saturday for her big party.

I love this child! Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet girl!

Last night, when I was getting her in bed, this was our conversation:

EG: "Momma, do you like honey bears?"
Me: "Yes, I do. I think they are cute. Do you like honey bears?"
EG: "No. I like rabbits and dogs and cats."
Me: "And horses?"
EG: "Uh huh. And horses."
Me: "I love you all the time."
EG: "I love you all the time. You're my best friend."
Me: "You're my best friend, too."
Followed by kisses and hugs. The perfect ending to the day. =)


julie & joe said...

What fun! Three is such a great age. I haven't been to the Purple Cow in years! Looks like a great b-day party.

Momofgirls said...

What a doll!! I LOVED all the pictures! The cake.....what a wondeful confirmation she gave you with that sweet reaction! I love it when we Mommys "get it right!"

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

p.s. where did you have her shirt made???

Angela said...

Happy 3rd Birthday EG! Hope you have fun on Saturday!

His Doorkeeper said...

It doesn't get much better than that!!!!!

Kelly said...

This makes me want to cry!
I love her precious shirt - but the girl in it is SOOO much cuter! What a perfect day!!!
And that conversation at the end........OH MY! I can't wait to hear those words.
Ella Grace is just beautiful like her momma!

Kelley said...

I am tearing up while reading this! Happy 3rd birthday! I am so glad you all had a great day. I am impressed with the salad that she eats.

Brooke said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Ella Grace! Her salad and sundae looked great!

Heather said...

This made me tear up!!! She is THREE?!?!? fast! I love her shirt and can just tell she is PUMPED about her b-day. Love all the pics! (And now I am totally hungry for cake and the Purple Cow!!)
P.S. I am totally ready for us to get together!!! Let's plan it!

The Garners said...

Happy Birthday to EG!!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy belated birthday to EG!

Leigh Ann...she is just adorable and it makes me smile every time I see her picture!

I also LOVE (and miss) The Purple Cow. It cracks me up that she loves salad too!

Hope you have a GREAT week.

Anonymous said...

My little granddaughter was
3 in August.

NE Ohio

Jacquie said...

Happy late Birthday, EG! She is beautiful, just like her momma!! I love that y'all love each other all the time.

Anonymous said...

I haven't stopped by in awhile! Wow! Ella Grace looks so big! Happy Birthday!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

How beautiful is she??? And that shirt...oh my goodness!

Please give her a BIG SQUEEZE for me and tell her we said Happy Birthday!

Candy said...

Oh, Leigh Ann! I just can't get over how big she is getting! She has the best smile and I just loved seeing all of these pics! My Ella saw that castle ad on TV yesterday! It looks fun! :)

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

She is so pretty! The cake was adorable. Love her shirt. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Lauren said...

Ahhh!! How did you not just cry??

She is seriously so beautiful, LAH, and knows how to work the camera!!