Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Playing Catch Up

The fam has been quite busy lately. I promised myself I would make time to blog today, so here is my rushed post of the last 12 days.

Evan was part of a nursery rhyme parade at his school. The children were encouraged to wear a costume or use a prop for the favorite nursery rhyme. Evan really likes "Hey Diddle Diddle." It is the cutest thing EVER to hear him say it.

As soon as I got in the parking lot, it was like he knew. I saw that his classroom was at recess and he was walking toward me. At first I thought he saw me, but he didn't. It was fun to see him when he didn't know I was looking. =)

There were so really cute and cleavor costumes.

I knew Evan would not be jazzed about wearing a costume, so I opted for the props route. Here he is with his bowl and spoon. I also had a small poster for him to wear around his neck. He liked it on his back better. ;)

We went to the first Razorback game. My brother-in-law had quite the tailgate party for the opening game in Little Rock. We had a great time. It helped that the Razorbacks won. Derek doesn't want to talk about last week's game. =(

Fun times tailgating

Ready for the game to start

We've been playing a lot with this monkey...

Believe it or not, we have still been swimming. The water is a little cold but some boys I live with don't care.

And playing (plus a little shopping) with this monkey...

She is a great shopping buddy!

Derek was at work one day when a soldier was being brought back from Iraq. Derek said when he was brought out of the airplane, the young soldier's dad saluted him. I can not even imagine. Every day and I am SO thankful my husband came home from Iraq! We should all be so thankful for our soldiers and their families (I'm not talking about the Horton's), especially those families who will miss their loved ones SO much every day!

We have been busy finding the perfect Halloween costumes. Evan will be Indiana Jones. I hope he'll wear it.

Ella Grace was going to be this...
but she change her mind and is now this...
She LOVES Minnie Mouse, so this is a better fit for her anyway. =)

Oh, and I got flashed by a man wearing no pants in the Target parking lot. It freaked me completely out and gave me nightmares! You girls be careful out there and make sure you are aware to your surroundings.

Other than all of this and the day-to-day school and therapy sessions, this is what we have been up to. We're busy (just like the rest of you I'm sure).


Kelly said...

You are a busy woman!!! Love the picture of you and Derek at the game!
Evan is so cute and so is EG - love their costumes!
And I don't even want to think about no pants man - scary!

Brooke said...

It looks like you've been really busy! I love the Halloween costumes...Hunter is going to be a Dalmation dog. And I hope that the naked man got arrested!

Heather said...

I love the costumes! I think I will post Connor's and Avery Kate's tomorrow! I am so excited to dress them up!

Traci said...

Our little men are too alike! I always have to dress up Riley as a razorback football player because he won't wear a costume!

I thought it was funny because Kylie is going to be the honey bee! Ella will look cute no matter what she is!

Laura said...

OH! Our girls are gonna be twinkies for Halloween! The only difference is that Alise's costume is pink (of course!) and white polka dot! Too cute!! And I think Evan is the cutest Diddle-Diddler that ever was!!

Get ready this weekend, Girlfriend! Can't wait for the big game!!

Kandi West said...

Lowrey and Annie think that they have to create their costumes from something we already have in the dress up trunk...I did not tell them this. Should I spill the beans and tell them that their mother would be willing to buy them a costume? I truly haven't decided.
I love that the boys are still swimming. Lowrey and Annie are, too...they did today.

Amy said...

Luke was Indiana Jones last year! I made him a scruffy beard with a brown eyeliner-so cute! That may have been the last time I posted pictures! Ha!

Tara G. said...

The photo of the soldier coming home is beautiful. My husband has done several missions (years ago now) where they took HR back to Guam or somewhere to have them repatriation ceremony- it gives me the chills.

The Brewers said...

Oh my...that photo of the soldier coming home got me. My worst fear...all of our worst fears I am sure. I thank God and praise Him every day that our guys came home safely.

The costumes are so cute. I especially love the Indiana Jones costume...IJ and the Last Crusade is my favorite movie of all time, so that might have a little something to do with it. And Evan will give Harrison Ford a run for his money in the cute department!

EG will look like a doll no matter what she wears! She is just so precious!

I went to lunch with my mom last week and finally met your mom! She is so nice!!! You guys sound (and look) just alike!!!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday and it would not cooperate...GRR:)!

Evan makes my heart leap! He is growing so much and I am so thrilled at how well he is doing. Praise God!!!

Seriously? EG will be 3 in October. Is that possible? Has she mentioned anything she really wants?

The Garners said...

You are busy! So glad to hear an update on your sweet family.

The picture of the soldier coming home gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. Wow, what a sacrifice. I cannot even imagine.

Meagan said...

OMG! I was all about your post and halloween costumes and cute kids and game-time and tailgate fun... and then was TOTALLY thrown off guard by the flasher at target! That is crazy!!!!

I have so "dropped the *blog* ball" lately! lol. But I am trying to catch up and it is SO good to catch up with you!

Hope your week is as wonderful as you are beautifuL!!!

Tricia said...

Leigh Ann - thank you for your comment on my blog. I've been meaning to comment back to you for a while... and have been way behind on my internet social life! HA! I love your blog - such a cute design.

Evan and Ella Grace are adorable. And that's a great pic of you and Derek at the game.

We already got our Halloween costumes too... I'm very proud of myself for planning ahead this year... I usually don't! HA! I've got a witch, Batgirl, and Spiderman - now if I can just keep them out of them until Halloween, I'll be good.

Oh - and I saw two police cars "patrolling" the Target parking lot on Sunday and thought of you! I wondered if crazy naked man struck again... hopefully not. So scary.

Anonymous said...

i just happened upon your blog, and my daughter's the first little miss muffet (in blue) in your nursery rhyme parade pic... ha! =)