Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I had a great time with four of my oldest friends cruising to Cozumel! We were gone for six days. We flew first to New Orleans, which was where we were to board our ship. We didn't want to worry about travel trouble and missing our cruise, so we went down a day early. I've never been to New Orleans, and let's just say the evening time in New Orleans is not my scene AT ALL! I felt like I should have been wearing a steel suit. LOL! However, I loved the next morning when we went down to the French Quarter and had coffee and beignets at Cafe' Du Monde. I can now say I have been to the French Quarter!

This is Abby and me on the flight to New Orleans (loving that lady sacked out in the seat behind us). She is the bride-to-be and the whole reason for the trip. She is getting married in November to a very handsome doctor. =) We were roomies on the ship, and I can honestly say we laughed the entire time. I haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time!

Abby, Michelle, me, and Michelle at Cafe' Du Monde. Noticing a theme with the names...two Abby's and two Michelle's. Oh, and it was SO hot in New Orleans. Oh my word!

We set sail on Thursday. We had a day at sea, a day in Cozumel, another day at sea, and then we were home. It went by SO fast! I think my favorite part of the trip was when we went into Cozumel. Abby, Abby and I went to a beach and had THE best time. We got chairs right by the water, soaked up the sun, went snorkeling, ate the best guacamole I have EVER had, and laughed until I cried and Abby sprayed water out of her nose. Good times!

Our ship - The Carnival Fantasy

Abby, Abby and me on our way to the beach in Cozumel. Those Abby's. They are cute as buttons!

Abby took a picture of me snorkeling. LOL! The water in Mexico is GORGEOUS!

I think my camera was still in underwater mode, but this is the guacamole and pico we had beachside. YUMMO!

I took a ton of pictures, but these next two pictures are probably two of my most favorite from the entire trip. Locals came up playing guitar and singing. They got Abby and Abby in on the action. Hilarious!

This one makes me laugh so hard. Abby was not enjoying the dreadlocks wig they put on her head!

Abby was rockin' out some turtle shells.

Every evening at dinner was really fun, too. We had the best waiters. I found out they work for nine months, six or seven (I can't remember which) days a week, 10 hour days and then go home for two months. I'm just amazed by that! They were so cute and made dinner so much fun.

All of us with our waiters, Sushi (his name was something else but he went by "Sushi") and Jaiboon.

The gang on the lido deck

My vantage point on days we were at sea. We sat in chairs on the back of the boat looking at the bluest water!

Every night I had the same dessert...Melting Chocolate Cake. Yum! It's basically brownie batter with a light crust on top served with ice cream. It was GOOD!

Me being classy on formal night. Ha! Note the chocolate melting cake in front of me.

I even tried sushi. I don't know if it really counts though because it was a California Roll and just had crab in it, but it was still a big step for me since I'm not a big seafood girl and said I would never go near a sushi bar. I actually really enjoyed it!

I had a GREAT time. It was relaxing and fun, and I'm so glad I got to go with good friends. We got separated on the way back to the airport, but other than that, we had safe, uneventful travels. It is always fun to get away, but I think even more fun to come home! When we got to the Little Rock airport, Derek, Evan and Ella Grace greeted me at the escalator. I thought EG was going to cry as she ran up to me and put her little hands around my neck. SO sweet! I'm so thankful for a wonderful husband that was SO excited for me to get to do this trip and that took his vacation time to watch our children so I could go. He is just a great husband and is SO good to me all . the . time! I can't wait to go on another cruise and take him with me! =)

Oh, and speaking of time at the beach, I LOVE this picture of my Mamaw! She and I share a birthday. She was 50 when I was born. She is now 86 and went for the first time to the beach with my aunt and her family. My cousin, Jara, shot this picture (she is a fantastic photographer in Dallas), and I ADORE it! Everyone should see the ocean at least once!


Laura said...

What a great girl trip! I can tell that you had so much fun!! I hope I get to do this one day! And Leigh Ann, I can tell you've been hanging out at the pool! You are SO TAN!!

Jenna said...

AWESOME!! I am so excited you had such a great trip. I love all the pictures - girl you are TOO cute!!!! I would totally go on a cruise with you - no doubt fun would be had by ALL. :-)

And that last picture of Mamaw - she is PRICELESS. It must run in the family!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Oh it looks like you had a wonderful trip. I would love to go there someday. My husband has been for a scuba trip and said it was beautiful.

Kelley said...

It looks like you all had a blast! The food looks delish in the pictures. I am so glad you had a lot of fun! It is really neat that your best friends are librarians.

Becky said...

What a TERRIFIC trip!!! Especially with your girlfriends. I LUV all your pictures.....I can tell you've been out in that pool because of your beautiful tan!!! Aren't cruises the greatest vacations ever!!!!

Noticed your flew SWA!!! YEA!!!

Becky said...

What a TERRIFIC trip!!! Especially with your girlfriends. I LUV all your pictures.....I can tell you've been out in that pool because of your beautiful tan!!! Aren't cruises the greatest vacations ever!!!!

Noticed your flew SWA!!! YEA!!!

The Pooles said...

We went on a cruise last year and the chocolate melting cake was the best!!!!!

Brooke said...

I cruised to the Bahamas last year and had a great time! So glad you did too!

Candy said...

What an awesome trip!!! I'm so glad you got to enjoy time with special friends! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! What fun Leigh Ann!! SO glad you had a wonderful time with the girls!! It looks beautiful and now I'm itching to go on a cruise!! You look beautiful by the way :-)

Jacquie said...

What a fun idea!! It looks like y'all made the best of it.

Derek is priceless!! You probably ought to keep him around...

Megan L Hutchings said...

Where do I start?

First I have to say that I LOVE the pics of Evan. He looks so incredibly happy :)!

I am so, so, so glad that you had a wonderful time on your cruise. You deserved some time away and it looks like you were able to soak up the fun.

Megan said...

Oh my word that dessert looks so good. I've never been on a cruise. Looks like you and your friends had a great time.

Lauren said...

I'm so glad you had a great trip! That water is amazing! I love the pic of you being "classy" on formal night. :)