Sunday, April 6, 2008

Autism Moms

I can't explain the bond I feel with other moms I have met and those I have never met who have a child with autism. I guess it is the plain fact that we know what each other is going through, how difficult treating autism is, and how desperate you feel to recover your child. No one else can totally understand autism unless you live it 24/7.

When you are the mom of a child with autism, you gain all sorts of other "hats." You become a part-time speech, occupational and physical therapist, a part-time lab technician, a part-time nurse, a dietitian, a nutritionist, a researcher, a chauffeur, and night owl. Although, these may be "hats" you gained that you never really wanted to wear, you take them on to get your child better. Now, I sure wish I would have paid more attention in Biology in high school and college!!! :) My biochemistry is not the best, and there is a lot of that to understand when trying to heal autism.

If there is one positive thing from this new role, I have made friends that have truly been a blessing to me as we have traveled this journey to heal Evan from autism. I thank God for these "sisters" that have come along this path. I learn from them, lean on them, confide in them, cry with them, and sometimes even laugh with them. Last week, I was blessed to find Traci through another blogger I met, Lauryn. Lauryn told me I might be interested in reading Traci's blog, and oh how I thank her for sending me there (you can find both of their links on my blog roll). Traci has a fantastic blog including lots of autism resources! I have been blessed by it already! Today, she has posted a video of her son, Riley. Although every child with autism is different and treatments may be different, we are all the same in that we desperately love our children, are going through the same painful journey, and we still have hope! You can watch their beautiful video here.

Just FYI, did you know in 1983 the recommended vaccination schedule was 10 vaccines and today it is 36? With the increase in vaccinations, there has also been an increase in autism and other neurological disorders. Plus, some parents of children with autism can definitely say their child was "different" after receiving a certain vaccination. Please know, I am by no means advocating anyone avoid vaccinations all together, I'm just suggesting that we all educate ourselves beforehand. You can find more information about vaccinations at Generation Rescue.

Thank you for praying for Evan and all of the other children out there with autism. We need your prayers more than you know. And, I thank you for taking the time to read more about autism.

Much love,
Leigh Ann


Kelly said...

Leigh Ann - I'm so glad you have made friends with other moms of autism. I know it must be such an encouragment to you. That's how I feel about all the girls I have met going through infertility. I am thankful for my blog because that has enabled me to meet so many people in the same boat that I would have NEVER know before. I would have felt so alone without it. I'm glad you don't have to feel alone. I can't imagine all that you go through but I admire you for your sweet spirit and kindness and patience through it all SO much!

Candy said...

Thanks so much for sharing all this information! The video is just precious. You are such a sweet and caring person!! I am praying for ya'll and will continue to do so. :)

Traci said...

Leigh Ann-
Thank you for those sweet words. You know that I have learned just as much from you! You really have a way of pulling at heartstrings through your blog and I know that someone who feels lost right now is finding comfort through your writings!

We are going to have to get together and compare notes! Let's meet in Las Vegas for an Autism Moms gab fest!! :)

I look forward to learning more about you and your family and your sweet Evan!

His Doorkeeper said...

You are such a strong young mother and I know you are Evan's best advocate! How blessed he is to be a child of yours! I will pray for your strength and wisdom.
Blessings to you Leigh Ann!

Kelly said...

I wished we lived closer too! I am just SOOOOOOOOO happy you started blogging so I feel like I see you every day now! I feel like I know you so much better and it just makes me so happy!
Scott keeps saying he wished he lived closer to home and I told him I could never move that far away but in a few years I would discuss moving halfway between our parents - and I would only consider Conway, LR, or Benton - so who knows - maybe one day we WILL be closer!

Sarah said...

You are such a wealth of information! I try to remind myself daily that it's easy for us therapists to toss out mumbo-jumbo...we get to clock out in the afternoon. Mommies never clock out and have the real full-time job. Again, I can think of few who are as well equipped for the job as YOU! (I see you shaking your head. Cut it out. You are an awesome mommy! :) )

Regarding your post, there's something refreshing about taking a fluff break, isn't there?!

Sarah said...

Oh no. Just realized that some people call certain bodily functions "fluffing." That's so not what I meant. Feel free to delete. I would but it makes me insane with curiosity when I see "deleted by author."

Sarah said...

I am so glad you are happyed tonight! I was thinking about you this afternoon.

Evan is a daily happy makers for me, and Ella Grace made my day yesterday with that precious hug!!!

Lauryn said...

Hey!! I am so glad that you and Traci connected! That's AWESOME!It is so odd how although we have never met, we have a sudden bond. Like we have been long lost friends. It's a bond that I wish none of us had! Wouldn't it be nice if our biggest common interest was what reality show we are into at the time? But - that's not the hand we have been dealt. I always am instantly bonded to moms who have also decided to do whatever it takes to make their child better. We have tried just about everything! I still haven't figured out what all worked bc we did so much of it concurrently. But it worked and I have my child back!! I hope and pray that you will too! I would love to email you sometime.. or do you have facebook?

Lauryn said...

Oh - and I'm in for the Vegas get away!! Just tell me when! :)